First Post!

Well, would you just look at this! Fresh, clean white walls of a website! Crisp beginnings, lovely new starts, and goals abound! It’s like newly clean sheets on a bed, or a new book you’ve been wanting to read for months, or the smells of nature after a rain. Maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but I just can’t help myself! I am excited for this new website!

So why did I decide to make this move?

As I said before, I needed a fresh start with things. I have been making a lot of positive changes in my life recently that really steered my mind into clarity and growth. I have really been reevaluating everything in my life, and I suppose that comes with almost turning 30.

Part of my changes that I decided to implement was to be more goal oriented. Life is way too short, so why not make the most of it? Working out more, cooking amazing meals, learn as much as I can, and to finally make my Etsy store into something great. For as long as I could remember, I knew I wanted to create an Etsy store and sew quality things to be put inside. Eventually I have created Demiurge Dame, my first Etsy store and brand name. It was a lot of work for me to get that site up and running, with my biggest hurdle needing to jump was my lack of confidence. Eventually, I did. Made lots of mistakes, made lots of items, and made my confidence skyrocket.

I learned a lot from my first store,¬†and I definitely have no regrets at all with what I have done. One thing I mainly wanted to change was the name. Demiurge means god of creation, and dame sounded pretty and mid-century-like. I thought it was suiting. However, unfortunately, most people didn’t know what a “demiurge” was, let alone pronounce it. It needed to be simpler. Pin & Proper was born.

So with the change of website, that also brings many posts and projects that has yet to be created and posted. I apologize for the emptiness of this website. But don’t worry! That will soon be remedied.

Until then!