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Top 5 Favorite Books I Have Read This Year

Every year, I set a goal with how many books I want to read. This year, my goal was to read 35 books. While I still have a few months left to complete this goal, I am one book away to complete the 35 books read (and that one book left to complete my goal is “It” by Stephen King; almost done with that one!) I have read all sorts of books this year. Some fiction, some non-fiction. Some not so great books, and some incredibly amazing works of art.

So I wanted to talk about the books that I have absolutely loved that I have read this year. That doesn’t mean that these books were published this year; some of these may have been published many years ago.

book1 Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (2016)

I have to say, this had to be one of the most interesting books that I have read in 2017. I have always been fascinated with string theory and different dimensions, and this book turned the heavy, scientific topic into entertainment. I can honestly say that I can see this as a beautiful visual movie.

This book I got through within 24 hours, and I wouldn’t mind reading this one again.




The Mistborn Trilogy By Brandon Sanderson (2006, 2007, 2008)

At this very moment, I have only read the first two books of this trilogy, and I am on the waiting list for the third book. And I must say, I can’t wait until I read the third installment of this trilogy! The world and characters that Sanderson has created for these books are incredible.

What happens if the prophesied “hero of ages” fails? Consequences ensue from the failure, but what actually happened when the “hero” had failed? Nothing seems to add up with the inconsistent history that was written about the events.

With almost “jedi-esque” powers that characters hold, this is an action packed trilogy that holds a lot of twists and turns that I never had expected. Sanderson is a patient writer, and everything pays off, in one way or another, in the end.


book3All the Light we Cannot See By Anthony Doerr (2014)

One of the most beautiful historical novels that I have recently read. Taking place in occupied France, it follows a brilliant boy who is incredible with fixing radios, and a blind girl, which her father had made a miniature scale model of their town so that she may navigate on her own.

Wonderfully written. It talks about the Hitler youth and some of the consequences with that group.

With a little folklore and slightly magical, this novel is worth the read.


book4The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (2008)

This book is through the eyes of a pet dog, who wants to be a human. In his words, he portrays loyalty and love as only a dog can do. Love, heartbreak, desire, family, and loyalty are portrayed very well in this novel, and I didn’t question the voice of the main “character” at all.

I had listened to this audiobook during work. And some parts, I have to admit, I had to pause and listen to the rest of those parts in private. Be prepared to get all of the feels when reading this cute novel!
book5Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (1994)

Unfortunately, I had watched the movie before reading this novel, which had ruined the massive twist in the end of the novel. But, even as I expected the ending, I greatly appreciated the book.

The world that was set up in this “prequel” novel, was fantastic and believable. The characters were strong and individualistic, and the politics were fascinating with how everything was militaristic and almost dystopian. This made me want to continue on with the series with the more philosophical sequel “Speaker for the Dead”.


With the year almost ending, and my books read goal almost completed, it only leads me to think and feel one thing: can I read more books next year? With also joining a Book of the Month subscription club where I receive a novel each month and being able to listen to library rented audiobooks during work hours, I want to devour more literature. I can’t see myself ever letting up on reading books. NEED! MORE!

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